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Bamboo Living: Green, Modular, PreFab Bamboo Homes at Modest Prices Bamboo Living Home

Bamboo Living takes the green and economical features of bamboo and combines it with the efficiency of modular home building techniques to create a very compelling home-building alternative. Bamboo offers some unique advantages over traditional softwood timber homes and is especially suited to the unique climates of the tropics (these homes are designed for Hawaiian styles and climate)...



Why Moss is Greener than Grass: Replace Your Lawn with Moss

Most people love the look of a rich, green lawn. Imagine looking out your front window and seeing that beautiful deep green color, and then going outside and feeling the soft lushness beneath your bare feet. Because many people harbor this little fantasy, a green lawn is one of the most important selling points in a home. Unfortunately having a green lawn can be quite expensive, time consuming to maintain, and put a lot of stress on the environment. Fortunately, there is a better alternative out there: replacing your grass with moss…

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LEED Certification Program: What It Is and How to Get It

If you’ve started to look into building green, you have no doubt come across the name LEED. The LEED certification name is referenced by manufacturers, builders, retailers, and consumers alike in promotional, editorial, and casual conversations. But what is LEED certification? Who issues it and what are the criteria used when considering what is a LEED certified building? ...

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Growing a Xeriscape Herb Garden in a Dry Climate

When most people think of xeriscape landscaping and gardening they think of the Southwest and specifically, they think about replacing a grass lawn with native plants and succulents.  But xeriscape gardening can also apply to tree landscaping, flower gardens, and herb and vegetable gardens. Let